The Mandela’s Around the World is an African Study Center for Development and  Innovation (CEADI) international program designed  to give opportunities for people around the world to deeply reflect on the impact of community leaders in their respective countries (and the world). Currently, individuals from various countries such as Egypt, India, Brazil, Senegal, United States, Cabo Verde, Tanzania, South Africa, Iran, China, Portugal, Belarus, Panama and more are involved with this project.

CEADI is a scientific organization, dedicated to research, production, promotion, and publication of studies in multiple areas of knowledge.

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Mensagem do Presidente
A humanidade é feita de valores! Dignificar Nelson Mandela, um ícone do mundial, através de uma poesia desta grandeza, traduzido em oito idiomas do mundo, muito nos honra. Parabéns ao poeta Prof. Shoaneng Safali e a todos que colaboraram na tradução para vários idiomas do mundo.

Message from the President
Humanity is made up of values! We feel honored to dignify Nelson Mandela, an icon of the world, through a poetry of this greatness, translated into eight languages of the world. Congratulations to the poet Prof. Shoaneng Safali and everyone who collaborated in the translation into several world languages.

Guedson C. Rompão
Presidente do CEADI / President of CEADI 

About the Author

Shoaneng Ephraim Sefali is an English teacher at Sediba-Thuto Secondary School in Heilbron, Free State, in South Africa, his native country. He is currently the chairperson of two Provincial bodies: The Writers Forum and The English Teachers Association. He is a member of The National Association of English Teachers of South Africa. He attended quite a number of English training workshops including the recent one with the University of Massachusetts in the U.S.A. His passion of poetry is reflected in his teaching in the classroom. He started writing while he was still at high school, writing English poems, but later on translated them into Sotho language. It is now that he is starting to write in English again. He is a firm believer that the best way to share his deep and emotional thoughts ranging from nature, events, humanity and so on, is to have his work translated into different world languages.

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